Sunday, 7 July 2013

Vidyawarta Issue 3.1 Published

Interdisciplinary  Multilingual  Journal Vidyawarta’s Third Issue Published.
 We are glad to give you the third issue of ‘Vidyawarta’. Right from the first issue , scholars have sent their different Research Papers. This Issue contents writings of lecturers from Gujrat, Tamilnadu, West Bangal, Andhrapradesh, Kerala. That’s why the issue is very studyable and having reference value. As professors from various states giving response to the journal it seems that the issue is widening horizons. The third issue is of 222 pages  containing  57 research papers from English, Hindi & Marathi Language.
We have already dispatched the ‘Vidyawarta’ by Registered post to the concerned professor. Apart from this, we reached near about 3000 readers through  .PDF copy. After approaching thousands of professors through E-mail, Blog, Website and  facebook  group. Now we are going to publish ‘Vidyawarta online’ & open access journal.
            Because of the Explosion of knowledge and worldwide use of computer, we need to learn computer operating along with our subject knowledge. While communicating with many Ph.D. holders, scholars  and experts, We came to know that these genius people do not have any basic knowledge of web & computer.
            In the present issue we have tried to synthesize the interdisciplinary. We receive a lot of research papers & articles , but to maintain the standard of the Vidyawarta research journal we publish only quality papers. We have appointed some new editors from various subjects & states. They selected papers is accepted.  To avoid disappointment please send your writing as early as possible. As we are in the process of  publishing the next issue.
We have started the work towards the publication of fourth issue. Manuscript may be submitted last date 22th Sept. 2013.
To reach the ‘Vidyawarta’ journal more and more people, we have started the Blog and Website also. To get the previous issue copy & article index  please Visit the above website and blog.
Thank you.
 Dr. Bapu G. Gholap
       Call : 07588057695/ 09850203295

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